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    Every organization, corporate or company invest a large amount of their revenue in protecting network infrastructure from cyber attacks. Though cyber criminals sometimes have strategical target, they can unconditionally attack any organization . For the organizations which got attacked, it becomes very difficult to recover data and revenue which it lost while recovering from attacks. The most damaging tool for cyber criminal is to infect the victim’s computer with a ransomware. The simple reason behind this is the hard encryption which is almost impossible to decrypt. But some security experts with much experience and exceptional knowledge are able to do so. These ransomware operators generally encrypt the victim’s file using…

  • News and Threat Analysis


    While surfing website from modern web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, in the top URL bar, you’ve definitely encountered a lock sign. This lock sign makes a good impression on your mind either it is a legal site or a phishing website. There are many chances that when the website shows you the warning “Your connection to this site is not private”, that website no longer exist in your good books. But what if a valid site gets a tag of insecure connection? Same thing has been happened with around 2000 websites out there on the internet, observed by researchers from Netcraft. On 11 July, Digicert(a Certificate Issuing Authority) revokes…