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Beneficial Online Tools

  • Our first recommended tool is VirusTotal. This is a great tool for everyone either a person is an expert or just want to be safe online. Virus total allows you to scan files, URLs or domains that are not malicious to download or visit. The tools gives you result based on 50+ reputed antiviruses in the market. To use this tool, click here.
  • Our next tool is about generating a secure password. We all know that how passwords play an important role in privacy. Weak passwords are easily crackable and you can be easily exposed. This tool will help you generate a customize strong password and create a rhyming sentence so that you can remember your strong password. To use this tool, click here
  • We all know that how forward proxy plays an important role in maintaining the online privacy to an extent but not more than a VPN. But the main question lies here is that which proxy to trust upon? The tool hide.me is that proxy that you can trust upon. It is easy and safe to use. To use this proxy. click here.
  • As we discussed on our first post how scanning is the most important step in hacking in order to successfully crack the system. Command line tools are the best for this phase of hacking as it gives you more wing but this online tool will give you the minimum information about the ports and this information about ports is satisfactory unless or until you don’t want more to explore the target system. To use this tool, click here.
  • There are many instances when we want to change the extension of the file that we use but we just got in dilemma how to do that? Sometimes we can’t trust on the website as might deliver the malicious document. This online tool solves all your problem. Here your all file issues will solve at one place. To use this tool, click here.
  • If you are familiar to linux, you might have heard about DNS mass scanning tool dig. This tool let’s you lookup for DNS records for more than one domain at a time. It let’s you customize your scanning. What if you get a gui for dig? Yes you heard it right. This online tool is the gui version of the dig. To use this tool, click here.
  • We all need enter you mobile number for verification in websites, but sometimes we don’t want to share our mobile number with company. Sometimes we don’t trust the company and that’s why we are afraid of leaking contact details to the third party. This online tool will help you in this problem. To use this tool, click here.
  • We all know that data breaches are common nowadays. Every second organization is becoming victim of Ransomware. But how do you know that you have been breached or not? This online tool will tell you that! HaveIbeenpwned has million of database records for leaks and it tells an individual that if his credentials has been leaked or not in a data breach. To use this tool, click here.