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The Ransomware operators deal with their victims harshly . History is the proof that these operators have caused a great damage to their victims. The word “Privacy”is just a play for these evils now. They had run many campaigns in the past to make their victims pay the ransom, but in the end most of the companies suffer a data leak. Following their activities, Ethical Debuggers have come across a similar campaign being run by these operators. This time they have adopted a new technique of auctioning their victim’s data on the internet. The group behind this is the Revil ransomware operators. This group is also well known by the name Sodinokibi. In the past, they had caused a great loss to big firms like Travelex and Gedia as well . The group has experts that delivers malware according to their victims. Now, let’ have a look at their auctioning.


  • First company is Intercard, Inc. It is the world leader in cashless technology. This company provides solutions related to cashless management, marketing systems, gift, loyalty cards, redemption, and POS system worldwide. The Revil group has put up their data currently on auction and have warned them about publishing their data, if ransom is not paid on time .
  • Second company is Goodmanmintz. This is a Canadian accounting firm and provides a variety of accounting services including corporate income tax and financial statements (Audit, Review and Notice to Reader engagements), bookkeeping, trust returns, preparation of personal tax returns, financial consulting and tax planning.
  • Third company is the Snaptron which is industry leader in design and manufacturing of metal dome, switch ,contacts and complementary equipment for the membrane switch and related switch industries. Revil ransomware operators posted a huge amount of data of this company for auctioning.
  • The fourth company in the list is Astute Network Technology. It is an IT company which have its client in law, medical, engineering, architectures and many big firms. The Revil group has threatened to post their data if they do not pay the ransom soon.
  • The next data which is going to be auctioned is that of Allen J. Grubman who is an American entertainment lawyer. The ransomware operators claimed that they have many valuable files related to celebrities data, sexual scandals, drugs and treachery and if they don’t pay the ransom, their data will be published for the local public to exploit. These bad evils release a threatening note for the Grubman asking to pay the ransom otherwise they will publish his data.


We suggest that above companies should immediately verify their data and if it actually belongs to them, then they should take steps to protect their customer’s privacy .