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  • Security Misconfiguration

    This is one of the vulnerability which features in OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities. This vulnerability arises when web admins do not configure their website properly. For example, sometimes a web application might behave in a way that it is not supposed to and it reveals the buggy line in the code publicly which allows attackers to experiment on their site for other vulnerabilities.

  • Server

    A server is a normal system with a web server application like Apache running over it ,which makes a normal system serve other systems.

  • Shell

    It is console that is provided by the operating system to let users interact with it deeply. Some examples of shell are bash ,command prompt ,brew and terminal.

  • SMTP Relay

    It is a proxy server for your mail server that supports SMTP protocols and handles all Email transfers. In enterprises, SMTP Relay performs multi-functional tasks such as sending or receiving bulk mails.

  • Social Engineering

    As we all know, engineering is something which prepares a human to make maximum from minimum availability. Similarly, social engineering is what a human experiments on humans not machines. A person who tries to do social engineering is just using his socially available or informative assets to extract some information from him.