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  • RAT

    RAT stands for Remotely Accessible Trojan. Trojan is a illegal code hiding behind any code thus giving the attacker privileges to access the system remotely.

  • RCE

    RCE stands for Remote Code execution. It is also known as Arbitrary Code Execution. When an attacker exploits a system, and runs his own code in the system to take full advantages of the attacked system, then the code which the attacker is executing is known as the Remote Code execution.

  • RDP

    RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. Developed by Microsoft, this protocol is used to get the Graphical User Interface(GUI) of the remote computer.

  • Registry

    The Registry is the registrar of your windows operating system. Just as you need to register you new startup with government, It is a collection of windows database files or application configurations. Group policies and certain values for installed program are defined in the Registry. This is the most important program in the windows system that needs to be updated in order to let windows work properly. It can be accessed as regedit.exe. Editing this file without knowledge can corrupt your system.

  • Reverse engineering

    This type of engineering comes into account when the person know about the end results before hand and he has to find out the logic behind those results. In dynamic malware analysis, the specialist first run the malware in an isolated environment and then from its behavior predicts the techniques used in building the malware.