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  • Parrot OS

    This is one of the other open source operating system which is used to do hacking tasks. This OS has all the tools related to all 5 phases of hacking. This OS has an amazing Graphical User Interface and is very less known to the common people who are new to hacking because of its lack of awareness.

  • Parser

    This is a software component which is used to represent data in a structural format. This is done because structural format of data helps you to analyze the data more deeply. For example, compiler contains many parser at different level to study each part of the program. A structural format helps you to study data in parts.

  • Phishing

    Like a fisherman prepares a trap to catch fish to earn a living, Phishing is the technique used by cyber criminals to catch victims to earn a living. Phishing is an attempt to obtain sensitive information by sending some fake media through electronic medium. Phishing is an example of Social Engineering techniques. Phishing is a crime and anyone caught under the crime of phishing has to face  rigorous punishment.

  • Plugin

    It is like a plug in our home .When you plug, you give power to something. When this term plugin is used in contrast with computing, it is a piece of code or a component that adds more functionalities to your existing code.