web analytics
  • Incognito Mode

    We all know that Incongnito mode is private, but what level of Privacy? In the name of Privacy, the web browsers are not tracking your usage means they are not making any cookies but We are still track able by any organization who wants to track us.

  • Injection

    Injecting is compared to penetrating. In security, the term injection means penetrating into the back-end processes like database. This injecting can be done by playing with code running behind a particular website or an application. SQL Injection and LDAP Injection are some examples of injections performed nowadays.

  • IP Address

    It is a logical address that is provided by the router in a network. There are two types of IP address- public and private IP address. The private address is the address provided by the DHCP service running in your router ,to each device connected to it. The public IP address is the address of your router on the internet. Every device connected to a particular router has the same public IP address.