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  • DDOS Attack

    The full form for this attack is Distributed DOS. The concept behind this attack is same as that of DOS attack. In this attack many systems also known as Bots, participate for doing DOS attack on heavy machines like servers.

  • DNS

    DNS stands for Domain Name System. Every website has its Domain Name registered on the internet. This Domain Name points to the destination IP address of the server where the website is hosted. The DNS is a resolver that helps to convert a domain like ethicaldebuggers.com to it’s actual IP address where the site is hosted ,so that our required query reaches the end server.

  • DOS Attack

    The full form for this attack is Denial Of Service attack. In this attack, the attacker sends malicious packets like SYN, XMAS, etc to make that system unavailable for the other users. This basic concept behind this attack is to utilize the computer resources as much as possible so that ultimately it is not available for other users.