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  • Botnet

    This is a term used to represent the network hijacked computers who are no more than zombies and are used by hackers for their malicious purposes like to launch DDOS attacks, running phishing campaigns and much more.

  • Broken Access Control

    This is one of the vulnerability which features in OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities. This vulnerability lies in the Access Control system which is responsible to control all the user’s activity. This vulnerability occurs when a non-privileged user is able to get logged in to the account of a privileged user without any authentication.

  • Broken Authentication

    This is the vulnerability which features in OWASP top 10 vulnerabilites which means that if this vulnerabilty is found in a website then wherever there is a need for authentication, the website will not be able to handle it. It means that an attacker using this vulnerability can access our account if we have weak and common credentials.  

  • Bug bounty

    This term is used for the amount rewarded to the person who has found a zero day in a web application of companies. Big giants like Apple, Microsoft runs bug bounty programs to reward white hat hackers or bug finders.