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  • Access Point

    It is the point in a network where the query from every device inside that network ,first reaches to that point before moving forward. When you turn on hotspot on your mobile device, your device will become the access point for every device that is in your hotspot network.

  • API

    API stands for Application Programmable Interface. It allows developers to integrate third party services in their applications. API reduces our tasks and let an application enhance its capabilities. API like HTTP API also help developers to program a particular application.

  • ARP spoofing

    The ARP protocol is a Layer 3 protocol and it refers to the Address Resolution Protocol which means that it maps IP addresses to the physical addresses of the device on the network. It works at lower layers. By ARP spoofing, it means that the process of this mapping has been tampered. ARP protocol works by broadcasting an IP address and the machine whose physical address matches to that logical address will reply to it . In case of ARP spoofing, an attacker broadcast his MAC address with that of target’s IP address so that any request meant for his target will get to the attacker. This ARP spoofing is…

  • Asymmetric cryptography

    This method of doing Cryptography is considered to be one of the best and most secure way to encrypt message. In this cryptography, the sender encrypts with his own private key and the receiver’s public key so that when the message is received by the receiver, only he can decrypt it ,as the sender has encrypted the message with his public key. The basic idea behind this cryptography is to ensure that only intended person can see the message.

  • Auxiliary

    It is a testing code which checks if the system is exploitable or not by a given vulnerability. Generally after scanning, the hacker do not immediately attack the system with an exploit because if the exploit did not work, the target might get to know that something malicious is going behind the scenes. So to be a clever hacker, the attacker uses an Auxiliary and after it gives a green signal, the attacker exploits the target. In this sense, an auxiliary acts as a helper for the exploit.